Skills Day

Freedom Drivers Ed skills day allows you to put your teen behind the wheel on a closed course, so they can safely learn all the basics about controlling a vehicle before or shortly after receiving their permit! 

The benefit to both you and your teen is that they are road ready the first time they drive out on the road with you. Your teen will be able to adequately target, park, and back-up their vehicle — and so much more! Unlike our other drivers ed classes, a permit is NOT required to attend this course.

What is it?

A 4 hour parent – teen behind the wheel course taught on a closed course. 

This course can be taken before, during or after the 30 hour classroom or online course.  The skills day is specifically focused on the basics, including brake control, acceleration control, lane positioning, lane changes, targeting the vehicle, spatial references, parking, precision backing, shuffle steering, emergency steering, basic vehicle maintenance and changing a tire.

How and what is it taught?

The course is completed in a personal vehicle with a parent(s). The instructors will personally instruct each student at every station, but the parent is needed to reinforce the training once the course is over and to guide their student from station to station. Parents play a very integral part in helping train their teen to be the most defensive, safe, independent driver possible, and so including them in the course helps build a working relationship that can be utilized when the teen is practicing driving during their required 50 hours of logged hours. 

Many of our parents take comfort in the fact that their first experience in a car with their teen behind the wheel is with Freedom Drivers Ed instructors! The course is meant to set a foundation of driving skills, and thus can be taken with or without a permit and with or without any driving experience.

Skills taught include:

  • Changing a tire and basic vehicle maintenance
  • Shuffle Steering
  • Precision backing
  • Contact patch drills (spatial references)
  • How to park (nose end, back end, parallel)
  • Lane position / brake control / accelerator control
  • Emergency Steering

Location: 8500 N Moore Rd, Littleton CO 80125. Course completed in a personal vehicle.


  • Aug 3rd from 1pm-5pm
  • Sept 28th from 1pm-5pm
  • Nov 2nd from 1pm-5pm
  • Dec 28 from 1pm-5pm

Permit-to-License Classroom / Online + Skills Day Package (10 hours of behind the wheel  | $695.00

This drivers education package includes everything a student driver needs to obtain a permit and license. A $250 deposit is required at registration to secure a seat in class. Full tuition is due prior to the class start date.

This Freedom Drivers Ed course includes:

  • Thirty-hour Colorado accredited Driver Education Course required to obtain permit.
  • Printed and bound student workbook
  • CO written permit test
  • Skills Day (4 additional hours of training)
  • Required six hours of professional behind-the-wheel (BTW) training. FREE pickup and dropoff at school and home in most of Douglas and Arapahoe County.
  • Drivers License Test + 50% off a second test if needed.

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