Drive Tests

We offer the Colorado driver’s license test for students and non-students. Per Colorado law, a permit must be held for one full year prior to being eligible for the drive test the driver is under the age of eighteen. If you are over the age of eighteen, you can receive your permit and license in the same day. The test is done in your personal vehicle unless needing the use of our vehicle. Please call office for vehicle availability and additional cost if needing to use our vehicles. 

Our Douglas County driving school’s drive test prep course is designed to give specific feedback regarding driving behavior and how this relates to the driving test. This drivers ed course is highly recommended for anyone who feels under prepared for the driver’s license test or has been driving as an adult and has specific driving behaviors that could cause them to fail the test. Register  today to schedule!

Location: Lone Tree Library – 10055 Library Way, Lone Tree, CO 80124

Bring these items inside the library. Meet on the first floor towards the left seating area:

  • Valid permit held for twelve full months (if under age eighteen). If your permit is a temporary permit, a picture ID is also required.
  • Valid registration (card, not just tags) and proof of insurance (permitted student does not need to be on insurance policy until licensed).

Once you have passed the driver’s license test, the results will be submitted to the state’s database immediately. You can visit the DMV right after the test and get your license. If you have an out of state permit, you will need to go to a full service DMV rather than a driver’s license specific DMV.

Items you need to bring to the DMV:

  • Valid learner’s permit held for twelve full months
  • Parent supervised drive log (fifty hours total, ten of which must be at night)
  • DMV licensing fee (call DMV for specific amount)
  • If a change of address is needed, you must bring two forms of proof of address (a parent’s driver’s license is acceptable as long as the student is under eighteen and the address on the license is correct)
  • Social security number

If you fail the test:

  • Must wait a least 24 hours before testing again
  • Can retest with Freedom Drivers Ed for an additional fee
  • Will need to visit a full service DMV to obtain license

Drivers License Test & Prep Package | $120.00

This driver’s training course is a combined driver test prep and driver’s license test. The prep and test are scheduled at different times and may not be able to be scheduled together due to availability. Both prep and the driver’s license test are done in your vehicle. Both take approximately 45 minutes to complete, totally one hour, 30 minutes.

The prep and drive test may be completed in our vehicle for an additional $50 per service. Please call the office to request use of our vehicle after payment and registration is processed. If you are currently a student, please schedule your prep test and/or drive test through your current student account.

What is it?

The driver’s training course is a forty-five minute session focused on giving specific feedback regarding driving skill as it relates to the Colorado drivers license test.

How / what is it taught?

This drivers ed session is completed in a personal vehicle and the instructor will give very specific feedback regarding driving skills as it relates to the test as well as what constitutes automatic fails. This driver’s training course is recommended for anyone feeling nervous about the driver’s license test or who might have driving habits that could cause them to fail the test.

What is required to begin?

Under the age of 18: a valid permit (in or out of state)

Over the age of 18: a valid Colorado permit

Drivers License Test Only | $70.00


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