Crash Avoidance Course

The purpose of the crash avoidance course is to train and equip your teen with the skills needed to avoid or mitigate crashes. You and your teen will feel better knowing they are better prepared to adequately and properly react to emergency situations. 

They also learn and experience how quickly accidents can happen and the importance of knowing how to avoid them. This drivers ed course is four hours long and is held at the brand new training track built by Highlands Ranch Law Enforcement Training Foundation. The track is located off of Titan Rd and highway 85. Course completed in personal vehicle. 

The skills taught include:

  • Emergency Braking at high and low speeds
  • Emergency Swerve at high and low speeds
  • Perception/Reaction Drills
  • Slide Prevention
  • Precision Backing Drills

What is it?

A four-hour behind-the-wheel driving school course taught on a closed course and completed in safe, personal vehicle. Location of course is 8500 Moore Rd, Littleton. The course is at the EVOC training facility off of Titan Rd and highway 85.

How and what is taught?

This course focuses on developing the skills and habits of advanced accident avoidance techniques. Students will rotate through specific cone patterns set up to mimic common accident events. The cone patterns are modeled after law enforcement training. 

Students will not only gain new skills, but also gain a greater awareness of how much time passes between perceiving a threat, reacting to a threat, and then maneuvering or stopping the vehicle. Students will experience firsthand the relationship between time and space in a moving vehicle — an invaluable skill for a defensive driver. 

Understanding how much time passes and space traveled provides the student with a greater understanding of how important early hazard detection is as well as keeping an adequate following distance from the vehicle in front of you. The skills specifically taught are emergency braking at low and high speeds, emergency swerving at low and high speeds, perception and reaction drills, slide prevention, and precision backing drills.

What is required to begin?

Under the age of 18: Held permit for a minimum of six months, completed all six-hour behind-the-wheel training, completed 30 hours of drive time with parents. Over the age of 18: have a valid driver’s license and experience driving for 1+ years.

2020 Dates:

Second quarter 2020 date: April 26th from 1pm-5pm. 50% off if you refer a friend to the same course. 

Third quarter 2020 date: September 26th from 1pm-5pm. 50% off if you refer a friend to the same course.


Permit-to-License Classroom / Online + Crash Avoidance Course (10 hours behind the wheel) | $745.00

This drivers ed package includes everything needed to obtain a permit and license. Plus Freedom Drivers Ed in Douglas County’s popular Skills Day and Crash Avoidance Course. A $250 deposit is required at registration to secure a seat in class. Full tuition is due prior to the class start date.

  • The thirty-hour Colorado accredited Driver Education Course required to obtain permit
  • Printed, bound student workbook
  • CO written permit test
  • Required 6 hours of professional behind the wheel (BTW) training. FREE pickup and dropoff at school and home in most of Douglas and Arapahoe County.
  • Drivers License Test + 50% off a second test if needed.
  • Crash Avoidance Course (additional 4 hours of advanced training)
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