Michael Cummings

I worked 22 years in law enforcement — 17 years as a Deputy Sheriff and five years as a Sheriff’s Sergeant. I was a member of a tactical team both as a deputy and as it’s Sergeant. I have extensive training in both specialized weapons and tactics, as well as, tactical driving skills. I’ve been a law enforcement skills instructor for over 19 years, and a certified law enforcement driving instructor for over 15 years. I instruct and certify new law enforcement driving instructors and instruct advanced driving skills to already certified instructors. I am certified to instruct off-road operations, specialized driving techniques in inclement weather, and tactical driving skills as well. I have been a behind-the-wheel instructor for almost two years, have instructed civilian defensive driving courses, and am a DVM certified BOST tester.

I was a member of the Colorado Peace Officers Standards in Training (POST) as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in law enforcement driving skills for eight years. I founded the Colorado Law Enforcement Driving Skills Association (a nonprofit) in 2015 and continue to instruct and certify members of the law enforcement community in a variety of driving and tactical skills. I am currently the Chairman and Training Coordinator for CLEDSA.

Through my personal business (Cummings Consulting, LLC) I contract to instruct members of government and civilians alike in dynamic and tactical driving skills. I am passionate about instruction. I believe in perfecting the correct techniques early in skills training. I believe in a “crawl, walk, run” approach to skills training. After all, your house is only as solid as its foundation. Because of this, I enjoy helping new drivers establish the right behaviors as much as I like to “run from the cops” legally when instructing pursuit operations to law enforcement.

Greg Hernandez

As a Community Safety Volunteer with his local police department, Greg fully appreciates the opportunity to train young drivers. Greg comes to us with over 25 years of experience in key leadership roles within Fortune 500 companies. He “semi-retired” seven years ago to form his own coaching and leadership training practices. Greg is a firm believer that emotional intelligence plus sound driving skills are a key to a student’s safety and success.

Greg and his wife of over 40 years are proud parents of three grown sons and eight delightful grandchildren.

Bob Gustad

I was born in eastern South Dakota a long time ago! Educated at South Dakota State University. Served in the US Army in Europe, have worked in sales, government relations (lobbyist), real estate broker (owned the largest Metro Brokers in Denver), been a managing broker for other real estate companies. Have three daughters, nine grandkids(3 graduated college-2 in college) three in high school, and one 6th grade. Avid fisherman in Canada every year, take my wife to Mexico every year..

Jill Burkhardt

Not many can claim they are a Colorado Native. Jill grew up in Denver with my two sisters, one brother, and wonderful parents. As a family they enjoyed the great outdoors, and really took advantage of what Colorado has to offer. Her hobbies include: snow skiing, cycling, camping, hiking, swimming and scuba diving. Her teen years were spent in various jobs that included children and teaching. She knew from a young age that She wanted to become a teacher. In 1984, Jill earned her degree in Elementary Education, and later her masters in The Diverse Learner. In 1988, She married Scott, they are blessed with two sons. In 2003, Jill joined forces with my sister in the business of furniture consignment. She learned a great deal about managing a business, and working with the public. Sixteen years in a family business is a long time. When her sister decided to retire, she chose to return to teaching. Working as a driving instructor is very rewarding. She especially enjoys incorporating the techniques that assist individual learning styles and believes in Freedom Drivers Ed’s approach!


Lawdon has been teaching high school students for over 20 years.  He’s taught everything from Creative Writing and Math to juggling and chess.  Most recently, Lawdon has been working with students to teach them how to beat standardized tests like the ACT and SAT and how to become the safest possible drivers on the road using Freedom Drivers Ed proven approach.

Becoming a safe driver is one of the most important skills a person can develop in 21stCentury America.  Anyone can teach you to pass the driving test, but Lawdon firmly believes in taking driver’s education a step further.  It’s not enough to know how to drive, one must know how to drive safely in a chaotic world.

Lawdon’s interactive education style is fun and engaging without missing out on the importance of road safety. He encourages his students to understand the importance of safe driving through questions, real-life stories, and bad jokes.

Lawdon graduated from The Colorado College with a bachelor’s degree in English and holds a Master of Arts in Teaching from Webster University. He is a published science fiction author and an avid mountaineer.