Driving School FAQs

Q. What are the requirements to receive a permit and license?

A. The process of drivers ed is based on two factors. Factor one, is what does the state require. Factor two, is what training do parent’s see most valuable and beneficial for their teen.

In Colorado, a 30 hour online or classroom course has to be attended and passed from a state certified school to obtain a permit by the age of 15 years, 6 months of age. The permit has to be held for 1 year. To obtain a license by the age of 16 years, 6 months of age, 6 hours of behind the wheel training has to be completed with a certified school and the drivers license test must be passed.

What will you require as a parent? At Freedom Drivers Ed, we see the most value in consistent, comprehensive training. For this reason, we recommend parent’s enroll their teen in a 30 hour course and behind the wheel training regardless of their age. The value is proof in our student’s skill level and confidence behind the wheel. We believe training is required regardless of age. It’s upsetting that our state issues licenses to drivers age 16 years, 6 months of age or older who have completed no training. At Freedom Drivers Ed, our mission is to change current teen statistics (car accidents are the number 1 killer of teen drivers age 16-19) and that starts by training each individual with excellence.

Q. When should I start my behind the wheel training?

A. Start your BTW after getting the instruction permit from the DMV.  We want our students to be familiar with steering smoothly, brake control, and accelerator control prior to the first session.  This can usually be accomplished in 2 – 5 hours of driving with parents.