Getting a license in Englewood is a strictly regulated process — as it should be! Because they are new to driving, teen drivers are a high-risk group. Freedom Driver’s Ed understands how important it is for everyone’s safety that drivers are being thoroughly prepared.

Driving is something to take seriously, and an accident can impact the rest of your life. The driver education program requires 30 hours of classroom or online instruction as well as fifty hours of supervised road time. If you have completed these requirements and are at least sixteen years old, you’re ready to take your driver’s test! 

Schedule a time to take the test and prepare by reading this blog.

What To Expect

You can expect to be treated with fairness and respect throughout the entire drivers test! Remember, the goal is to ensure that everyone on the road has the skills to drive — and the test exists for everyone’s safety. After taking the written test, you will demonstrate your skills behind-the-wheel in your own vehicle with an examiner.

There are no “hard” drivers test examiners. DMV examiners want you to pass! However, if you have not sufficiently prepared enough, or practiced, or are very nervous, there is a chance that you will fail. 

All driving tests are the same regardless of age. For consistency, an adult driver takes the same test as a teen driver. And in case you wanted to know, Colorado does not require parallel parking in the exam. 

The drivers test consists of a written and skills test. You’ll need to bring your own vehicle to the test, which will last around 20 minutes.

Written Test

The Colorado DMV written test consists of 25 multiple-choice questions. You’ll need to answer 20 questions correctly to get your initial instruction permit. 

For the written test, you should look back at your notes from driver education and study your Colorado Driver Handbook. All the questions for the written test are drawn from the handbook, so if you’ve read and studied it thoroughly, you should do fine!

Along with the written test, you’ll also need to pass a vision test, which can be done with corrective lenses and contacts.

Skills Test

After passing the written test and vision test, you will need to complete a behind-the-wheel skills test. This portion of the driving test lasts around 20 minutes and consists of basic actions you will need to perform on the road, including:

  • Left and right turns
  • Stops and starts at a variety of intersections, including traffic lights and stop signs
  • Lane changes
  • Driving in traffic
  • Reacting to various road signs, like crosswalks and schools

Freedom Drivers Ed in Englewood works hard to help drivers pass their skills test. We offer a skills day where you can safely learn all the basics — like precision backing, emergency steering, and how to park — in a controlled environment. Every student in both our classroom and online courses is able to take part in the skills day. A parent is required to be in the passenger seat, and they might learn something new too, like how to change a tire!

And because we live near Denver but also near the mountains, we offer a downtown city drive class and a mountain drive class. We want to make sure the drivers who graduate from our school are prepared for any driving environment. 

City driving can be stressful, and you don’t want to be navigating traffic for the first time by yourself. Students have the opportunity to drive with one of our qualified instructors and practice navigating busy streets and making quick, safe decisions on the road.

Living in Englewood means that your teen is bound to want to take a camping or skiing trip into the mountains. And if you’ve ever been on I-70, you know how stressful and difficult that trip can be! Help them drive safely in adverse mountain driving conditions, and prepare for the skills portion of their drivers test, by registering for both this and the city driving course.

Freedom Drivers Ed In Englewood

Our training philosophy is “Hear It – See It – Do It!” Our instructors are highly qualified professionals who will help your teen learn and practice safe driving skills. We offer comprehensive drivers education, from coursework to behind-the-wheel to drivers test prep. You can even take your drivers licenses test with us!

We help our students move safely from classroom training to practice on the road. Register for an online or classroom driving class today!