Everyone comes to their behind-the-wheel driving lesson with different experience levels. Some have already spent hours driving with a parent or guardian while others are getting behind the wheel for the first time. More so, some students have been looking forward to driving for years while others are more apprehensive and anxious.

Our driving school instructions are adept at tailoring lessons to the individual while still covering all the necessary skills, down to checking the vehicle before entering and buckling up! Over the course of the six required behind-the-wheel hours, we work to build the skills and habits necessary to be the safest, most prepared driver possible. Check out our behind-the-wheel training packages and continue reading to learn more about what to expect from your first BTW lesson with Freedom Drivers Ed in Douglass or Arapahoe County!

How long is each session?

Each behind-the-wheel session is two hours long. We encourage students to practice the skills taught between classes with their parents or guardians so that those skills can be reinforced before we move on to new ones in the next lesson.

What cars are used?

We use newer model cars equipped with passenger-side brakes and automatic transmission. If you’d like to learn more about the makes and models of our cars, please contact us! We’re more than happy to discuss the safety features of our vehicles.

Where will I be picked up?

Freedom Drivers Ed offers free pickup and dropoff at home, work, or school in most of Douglas County and part of Arapahoe County. Parents and students often say that this added convenience is one of the best services our driving school offers because it eases any scheduling complications. Just let us know the location before your lesson to make sure our driving instructors know where to meet you!

What is taught?

Our driver’s education instructors follow a “hear it – see it – do it” method of teaching. In each behind-the-wheel session, the instructor will talk about the skill being learned, demonstrate the skill, and then provide constructive feedback as the student practices the skill. The driving school instructor will assess proficiency along the way and adjust instruction as needed.

The skills focused on in session include:

  • Hazard detection and response
  • Traffic and intersection awareness
  • Making defensive driving decisions
  • Off road recovery
  • Lane positioning to increase traction on curves
  • Hazards of dirt roads and rural areas
  • Highway merging and passing

Are there any additional behind-the-wheel sessions beyond the six hours?

We offer multiple BTW training sessions, including a two hour class, the required six hour class, and a downtown city drive and mountain drive course. Our city and mountain drive courses give students the opportunity to drive with a professional instructor in a different driving environment than they may have in Douglass or Arapahoe county.

A teen driver is much less likely to make mistakes in new environments if they have practice with an instructor before trying it independently. Both the mountain and city driving courses are two hours long and are completed in a Freedom Drivers Ed vehicle. The mountain drive includes I-70 West over FLoyd Hill to Idaho Springs, rural mountain roads, and then I-70 East back into the city.

How do I sign up?

Enrolling in a Freedom Drivers Ed course is easy! Simply fill out our online enrollment form or contact our office. We’ll let you know the times that are available for behind-the-wheel training and work with you to schedule your hours during a time that is best for you!

Freedom Drivers Ed – Drivers Education

No other driving school in the area can match the qualifications, training, and experience of our instructors! We offer comprehensive drivers education and behind-the-wheel training in Douglas County. And when you complete the 30-hour driver’s ed course, you can take your behind-the-wheel hours, additional mountain or city driving courses, and even take your driver’s license test with Freedom Driver’s Ed! You can learn more about our driving school’s packages here on our Package Comparison page.

Our training philosophy is “Hear It – See It – Do It!” We help our students move safely from classroom training to practice on the road. Register for an online or classroom drivers education class in Parker, Lone Tree, or Castle Rock today!