Our driving school students are always eager to get behind the wheel and out on the road! But learning to be a safe, defensive driver involves a lot of prepartion before you even turn on the engine. 

In today’s post we’ll be sharing a pre-driving checklist. Following this checklist is a great way to develop safe driving habits, and it’s one of the first things we cover in our behind-the-wheel driver’s education lessons. If you’re looking to enroll in one of our behind-the-wheel courses, you can learn more on our service page. We offer free pick up and drop off at home, school, and work in most of Douglas County and parts of Arapahoe County!

Continue reading to learn more about what to do before you drive and contact Freedom Driver’s Education for all of your driver’s ed needs.

Walk Around the Car

Doing a quick lap around the car lets you see if there are any obstacles in front of or behind the car. It only takes seconds to do, and it can prevent things like a tragic accident where a child or animal are hidden behind cars. 


You’ll also be able to see if there is any damage to your car, like if someone parking next to you got a little too close and scraped your paint. Or if you’ve been having trouble with your tire pressure, you’ll want to check if your tires are a little low.

Adjust Your Seat

You need to be high enough up to see clearly and close enough to the dashboard to use the accelerator and the brake. When students get into one of our driving school’s cars, we teach them the proper distance. Know that you need to be at least 10 inches back from the airbag so that if you do get into an accident and it explodes, you won’t get hurt.

Adjust Mirrors

When you don’t adjust your mirrors before getting out on the road, you may be driving with blind spots. Blind spots are extremely dangerous, especially when merging on to a highway or passing others on the road. Your mirrors allows you see how your car is positioned in relation to others on the road and helps you to make the safest decisions and react more quickly to any dangerous situations that may occur. Plus, if you forget to adjust your mirrors before you leave, you can get distracted trying to adjust them on the road.

Seatbelt, seatbelt, seatbelt!

Did you know that one in four teens say that they don’t use a seat belt every single time when driving without an adult in the car? Buckling up is the number one way to protect yourself in an accident and we stress making a seatbelt check — for both the driver and everyone else in the car — every time we get into a car. Here at Freedom Driver’s Ed, our mission is to change teen driving statistics, including improving the number of teens who buckle up. 

Freedom Drivers Ed 

Our driving school is committed to providing teens with the best possible driver’s education in order to help them be safe, defensive drivers on the road. Part of this education is ingraining safe driving habits, like performing a pre-drive checklist every time you get into a car or behind the wheel.

We offer comprehensive drivers education, from coursework to behind-the-wheel to drivers test prep and license tests.Our training philosophy is “Hear It – See It – Do It!” We help our students move safely from classroom training to practice on the road. Register for an online or classroom drivers education class in Parker, Lone Tree, or Castle Rock today!