Everyone training to get their driver’s license or to pass their driver’s test should take driver’s education. And when most of us think of driver’s ed, it’s in a classroom with peers. 

Did you know, though, that you can also take driver’s ed online? Not only do we have top-notch classroom driver’s education, you can also take your thirty-hour course online. This course is required to obtain a learner’s permit, and, per Colorado Law, the course can be taken as early as fourteen years, six months of age. Learn more and register for driver’s online with Freedom Driver’s Ed and continue reading to discover five unique reasons to take driver’s ed online!


Not all of us learn best in an in-person classroom setting. Working in small groups or collaborating with peers just might not be your strong suit, or you may have a learning disability that makes it easier to take driver’s education online. Our driving school understands that each of our students is unique, and we strive to offer diverse methods of instruction — including online driver’s ed. 


Driver’s ed online is a great option for students who work well independently and at their own pace. Whether you’d like to move more quickly or prefer to take things at a slower pace, driver’s ed online gives you the option to work through the course at your own speed. Online driver’s education gives you the freedom to use your time responsibility, which is also a crucial step towards gaining independence when you’re ready to take your driver’s license test and get out on the road on your own.

Comfortable Environment

You can complete your driver’s ed online in your PJs on the couch, or on the bus on your way to a soccer game, or anywhere else you have access to the internet. Many of the students who choose to take the Freedom Driver’s Ed online driving course have busy schedules that make it difficult to get to our classrooms in Parker, Lone Tree, and Castle Rock at the time of their class. Others simply prefer to learn online in the comfort of their home. 

Great for Adults

While the majority of our driving school students are teens looking to get their first driver’s license, adults can also take driver’s ed! Enrolling in driver’s education can be a smart decision for drivers of any age and experience, and taking a course can help you become safer and more confident on the road. 

It can be intimidating to go to classes of any kind, but especially tough when you know that you’re probably going to be the oldest person in the class. Online driver’s education lets you complete the 30-hour course without needing to spend time in a classroom with teenagers. And when you’re ready to take the behind-the-wheel portion of driver’s ed, you’ll be driving with a single instructor to support you as you start your journey towards obtaining your license. 

If you already have a driver’s license, online driver’s education can still be extremely beneficial. All of us can develop bad driving habits, and driver’s ed can help you identify and correct these practices. Enrolling in driver’s ed is also a great idea if you’ve recently moved to our Englewood community, as Colorado may have different rules and regulations that you previous home did not. It can also be very helpful if you’re new to living in a city or to a place with snow. If you’re intimidated by driving in the mountains, try out our Mountain Drive behind-the-wheel driving course

Freedom Drivers Ed 

No other driving school in the area can match the qualifications, training, and experience of our instructors! We offer comprehensive drivers education in Douglas County, including online driver’s education. And when you complete the 30-hour driver’s ed course, you can also take your behind-the-wheel hours, additional mountain or city driving courses, and even take your driver’s license test with Freedom Driver’s Ed! You can learn more about our driving school’s packages here on our Package Comparison page.

Our training philosophy is “Hear It – See It – Do It!” We help our students move safely from classroom training to practice on the road. Register for an online or classroom drivers education class in Parker, Lone Tree, or Castle Rock today!