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  • John Jordan


    Freedom Drivers Ed is an exceptional drivers ed company in Douglas & Arapahoe counties. The ownership of the company has an absolute focus on delivering the highest quality product in the safest manner possible. Many companies in this industry focus only on delivery education to meet the basic State drivers license test. Freedom instructors expand the teaching to include defensive driving techniques that far exceed the test itself. This creates a significantly safer environment for the new drivers at a very cost effective price.

  • David Richins


    Did a great job teaching and helping my son with particulars in a classroom setting and then taking him out to drive as well. Would definitely use again.

  • Matt Craig


    Freedom was great for our son. He really learned from the classroom and behind the wheel sessions.

  • Julie Shellenberger


    I highly recommend Skills Day!! Our kiddo went from being nervous to get in the car to comfortably going thru all basic skills in a matter of hours! The staff are kind and professional! Can't say enough good things about our experience! We will certainly be back the crash avoidance course!

  • Jessica H.


    I forgot to write this review from when my son took his Drivers Ed a little while back. I'm looking at it for my daughter now and remembered how great this company was and is, and am sure I wouldn't feel more comfortable or satisfied with any other company than Freedom to teach my daughter the rules and safety of the road. You can not find a more higher quality of behind-the-wheel training than this school. Not to mention that they have very friendly and helpful staff. I highly recommend it!

  • Sandy Simon


    Friendly. Accessible. Responsive. Easy to use. Provide excellent resources to the new drivers and make it easy to accomplish what they need to in order to get their license.