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Skills Day

Put your teen behind-the-wheel in an access controlled environment so they can safely learn all the basics about controlling a vehicle. The purpose is to help your teen become very familiar with their vehicle. We accomplish this by instructing skills that teach basic operation and precision driving. The benefit to both you and your teen is they are road ready the first time driving with you. Your teen will be able to adequately target, park, and back-up their vehicle and so much more. A permit is NOT required to attend this course. Course completed in personal vehicle. Skills taught include:

  • Changing a tire and basic vehicle maintenance 
  • Shuffle Steering
  • Precision backing
  • Contact patch drills (spatial references)
  • How to park (nose end, back end, parallel)
  • Lane position / brake control / accelerator control
  • Emergency Steering 

Location: 8500 N Moore Rd, Littleton CO 80125. Course completed in a personal vehicle. 

Skills day is class 9 and offered to both classroom and online students. Course is completed in personal vehicle and a parent(s) is required to be in the passenger seat with their student. 


Aug 3rd from 1pm-5pm

Sept 28th from 1pm-5pm

Nov 2nd from 1pm-5pm

Dec 28 from 1pm-5pm

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