Helpful Links and Printable Forms

Driver License Phase

Infographic: Texting and Driving

The Dangers of Drowsy Driving

Interactive Fatal Crash Map - Denver

This web site provides an interactive map of fatal crash causation data for Denver.

Laws That Apply to Newly Licensed Teens

Parent - Teen Driving Contract Template

Teen driving contracts are proven to influence teen driving behaviors.  This document is intended to stimulate thought when parents are creating the driving contract for their newly licensed teens.  Downloaded from AAA.

Instruction Permit Phase

State of CO Identification Requirements


Instruction Permit Phase (cont'd)

Colorado Drivers Handbook

The official State of CO driver handbook.  This is a great study tool for the CO written permit test and the CO drive test.

Parent Supervised Driving Guide / Log Sheet

This guide is downloaded as a PDF. It is the same parent supervised driving guide that is obtained at the DMV when obtaining your teens permit. The guide is perfect for that parent who wants to have an orderly way of conducting supervised driving. This document also has the official CO drive log included midway thru the document.

Classroom Map

This is a map to help you find the classroom location.

DMV website

A link to the State of CO Department of Motor Vehicle driver license and permit requirements page.

Graduated Driver License (GDL) Online Parent Course

This short course educates parents or teens on the CO GDL requirements.