About Freedom Driving School

Purpose and Mission:

Our mission is two fold. First, we strive to train and equip teens with the skillset to be the safest, most low-risk, independent drivers as possible. Second, we aim to partner with you, the parent, to provide constistency and continuitiy of safe driving habits. We have carefully designed each course with the mindset to successfully build defensive driving habits within your teen. Our curriculum is progressive, compounding and comprehensive. Its important to us that your son or daughter is trained in the basics from how to change a tire, simple car maintenance to the complex challenging tasks of crash avoidance and navigating different driving enviornments like large cities and mountain roads.

The decision to purchase drivers education is as important as any other decision you make concerning your family's safety and security.  When your teen grips the steering wheel of your family car, they hold in their hands every occupant's dreams, aspirations, and goals - everything they are and will be.  The ability of your teen to make quick, good decisions is imperative to everyone's safety. According to NHTSA data, which was collected from all 50 states and the District of Columbia, 37,461 lives were lost on U.S. roads in 2016, an increase of 5.6 percent from calendar year 2015 (nhtsa.gov). This is approximately 102 lives lost every day of the year. Our mission is to train new drivers exceptionally, so to help lower this statistic. We would love to have the privilege of properly training your son or daughter so that their lives, your family's lives and the lives of everyone else on the road is less at risk.

Our founder is a veteran law enforcement officer and law enforcement driving instructor who has spent years investigating automobile crashes...some of them with life changing results for the drivers, family, and friends.  We know what the major causes of crashes are. However, we also know what driving behaviors need to be made habit to avoid these accidents.

As a student at Freedom Drivers Ed, your teen will not only learn everything they need to be an effective driver but s/he will also be trained in driving behaviors and skills that will prepare them to be the safest on the road 


Reviews and Testimonials:

 (All comments published here are supported by the actual written documents on file at our office)

"We are so pleased we chose to work with Don and Freedom Drivers Ed.com.  The design of the program allowed our daughter to learn to drive rather than just get drive time, which was our experience in the past with a different driving school.  In just 6 hours with Don, our daughter has confidence in many situations which allows us as parents to drive with her with so much less stress.  I would highly recommend the program to anyone!!"     Lorie, Castle Rock mom.


"I would like to thank  you for the personal care and attention that you provided my daughter in your driving classes.  Before she began taking your classes she was extremely hesitant to learn to drive.  For a very reasonable rate you provided her with several hours of one on one attention, written instruction, and a classroom setting.  I can now attest to the fact that my once nervous and frightened teen has now become an eager and confident young driver under your instruction.  As a parent we all want to feel that we have done our best to prepare our children for adulthood and taking your training classes has been the most advantageous thing for her.  She now knows how to deal with many situations that I was ill prepared to teach her.  Please know that I am extremely pleased with the transformation I have seen in her confidence level in driving and as a parent seeing my child's self-esteem blossom by this new "I CAN DO THIS!" attitude is priceless."     Tracy, Castle Rock mom.

"My son started his driver education with another driving school but we were having difficulty getting all of his BTW hours scheduled due to their limited availability.  I contacted Freedom Drivers Ed to see if they could help us get my son's last 4 hours of BTW.  I'm so glad we called.  Not only was Freedom able to schedule BTW hours for us but we discovered a new level of training.  The prior school only took the driver through neighborhoods during their drive time.  Freedom was able to quickly evaluate my son's normal driving skills and then push him to learn emergency driving skills in a wide range of environments.  I wish we would have started (my son's) driver education with Freedom Drivers Ed!"    Amber, Castle Rock mom.

Student anonymous written comments:

"great course all around.  (the instructor) used a lot of real world driving experiences to help us understand things better."

"I liked all of the activities we did.  I was able to learn better then just talking about it."

"It helped me know important defensive driving."

"We got a lot of instruction and everything was taught and easy to grasp the concepts."


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FREE Behind-the-Wheel Pick-up and Drop-off at home and high school

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How We Stack Up Compared To Other Schools

  • Courses are designed in-house by Veteran Law Enforcement driving instructors - other schools purchase theirs
  • Free pick-up and drop-off for BTW drive times -- other schools charge extra for this
  • Our classroom involves active learning - other schools are lecture and video based
  • Our behind the wheel (BTW) training includes knowledge of major causes of crashes AND how to avoid them - other schools don't have this knowledge they just teach how to pass the driving test
  • 24/7 online scheduling - other schools make you play phone and email tag
  • We offer a skills day to prepare your teen for their first driving experience with you. Your teen will learn how to target their vehicle, parking, backing as well as the impacts of driving distracted. 
  • We offer a crash avoidance course including hands on training in skills proven to address the major causes of crashes.  All the skills taught in the course are modeled from law enforcement driver training

Freedom Drivers Ed brings more to the table than our competition. It is all about Safety…and Value.

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