Freedom Driving School FAQ's

How do I compare driving schools?

Comparing driving schools is a challenging task, but one that will prove to be beneficial if done correctly. We suggest asking the driving school these questions before determining which school has the privilege of teaching and equiping your teen with the life long skills of safe driving. 

Questions to ask the driving school:

1) What and how will my teen be taught in the classroom?

At Freedom Drivers Ed, we pride ourself in being the leader in driver education. Our classroom is focused on active learning with engaging and interactive instructors. The curriculum is enhanced with only real life knowledge our founder has as a retired police officer. He offers incredible insight into how driving behaviors lead to accidents as well as how defensive driving behavior mitigates accidents. 

2) What skills will my teen learn in their behind the wheel sessions? 

At Freedom Drivers Ed, we have specific learning objectives that correspond to each behind the wheel session. Your teen will not just be completing drive time with our instructors. All of our learning objectives are based off training our founder learned while teaching new police officers how to drive. Crash avoidance as well as defensive driving skills are at the core of our curriculum. Call us to discus further details. 

3) What qualifies your drive instructors to teach?

At Freedom Drivers Ed, all of our drive instructors were trained by the owner. He took the skills aquired from being a police officer for over 20 years and built a comprehensive, progressive curriculum that equips each teen with the skills to avoid and mitigate accidents. 

4) How does the driving school partner with me (the parent) to best prepare my teen to be a safe, independent driver?

At Freedom Drivers Ed, we partner with you by sending out PDF's that specifically explain and highlight are major learning objectives for each behind the wheel session. This allows you to read and see what we are teaching so that you are best equipped to encourage these driving habits in your teen. We only have them for 6 hours total, you have them for the remainder of their driving time before they are independent drivers. We need to partner with you to ensure your teen forms safe, defensive driving habits. 

We also require 28 days between BTW sessions. This is to ensure there is enough time to practice the taught learning objectives before more learning objectives are added. 

5) Does the driving school offer any other drive time to enhance my teens' driving skills and what qualifies them to teach these added drives?

At Freedom Drivers Ed, we offer three added drives / courses that will enhance your teens' driving skill. We offer a mountain drive, downtown Denver city drive and a specific crash avoidance course. Please call the office to gain greater details about any of these drives. 

Our instructors are qualified to teach these courses because they were trained from the owner who has practiced these skills himself for over 20 years as well as taught these skills to other law enforcement officers and now teens for over 7 years. 

At Freedom Driver Ed, we hope you take the time to investigate each driving school on your own. Ask these challenging questions and then gauge their responses. In our opinion, if a driving school can't offer you truthful, substantial answers to the above questions, then they dont deserve your business. 

What is GDL and what are the steps in the process?

GDL stands for Graduated Driver License.

The required steps in the GDL process for teens age 14.5 to 15.5 are:

  1. Complete a Classroom or Online Course,
  2. Apply for the instruction permit at the DMV,
  3. Complete 6 hours of behind the wheel (BTW) training,
  4. Log at least 50 hours of driving with parent or guardian (10 of these hours at night), and 
  5. Pass a driving test after holding the instruction permit for at least 12 full months.
For teens age 15.5 to 16:
  1. Complete classroom or online driver education OR a 4 hour driver awareness course.
  2. Steps 2 thu 5 above.

See our "Driving Rules" page for laws that apply to new independent drivers.

Do you provide crash avoidance skills training?

Yes. Our Crash Avoidance Skills course is modeled from law enforcement driver training.  The skills we teach in the course equip students to safely respond to the critical pre-crash events (causal factors) identified by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in a 2008 report to congress.

You can read more about this course on the Drivers Ed Services page.

When should I start my behind the wheel training?

Start your BTW after getting the instruction permit from the DMV.  We want our students to be familiar with steering smoothly and accurately, brake control, and accelerator control prior to the first session.  This can usually be accomplished in 5 - 10 hours of driving with parents.

We strongly recommend the following schedule:

First session - within 2 months of getting the permit.

Second session - 28 to 40 days after the first session.

Third session - 28 to 40 days after the second session.

Downtown Denver City Drive: 10 months after obtaining permit, 50 hours completed with parents and 6 hours BTW completed with instructor.

Mountain Drive: 10 months after obtaining permit, 50 hours completed with parents and 6 hours BTW completed with instructor.

Crash Avoidance Course: Between 0-3 months after obtaining drivers license. 

This schedule allows for practice time to adequately develop proper driving habits that are consistent with what we teach.

Students who wait until the tail end of their permit holding period may be dissapointed to discover they can't get all three BTW sessions completed prior to their driver license eligibility date (see the FAQ regarding practice time required between BTW sessions).

Why is there no availability showing on the BTW scheduling page?

BTW training is done in three - 2 hour sessions.  If you have scheduled all three sessions, the system will not allow any additional sessions to be scheduled.

We require 28 days between sessions.  If you have already scheduled one session you will need to advance the calendar in order to see dates available 28 days in the future.

We require 28 days between sessions to allow for student driving habits to be developed consistent with what we teach.  Students will develop habits - good or bad.  Repetitive practice between sessions working on the skills we teach and communication via emailed documents are what develop driving habits consistent with the proven defensive driving techniques we teach.  Without the development of these habits, students will quickly fall back to old habits.

We maintain 2 months of availability from our drive instructors. This is to ensure our drive instructors are available to serve you. By the first of every month, you will see that months' availability, plus the month after. For example, Oct 1 all of the new availability for November is uploaded. November 1st, all of Decembers availbility is uploaded. Thus to have the most access to all of our drive sessions, log on the beginning of each month to schedule. 

What is the purpose for practice time between BTW sessions?

Our BTW sessions include a set of specific skills required to avoid the major causes of crashes. These skills are "rolled out" progressively, starting with the first BTW session.  Most of the time, a student is not familiar with the skill and is first introduced to it during our BTW session.  Time to practice with parents between sessions is imperative for the teen to be successful with the next session's objectives.  We provide complete descriptions including diagrams and pictures of the skills we teach to support parents during their student's practice time between sessions.

We introduce driving skills but we don't have the time with your student for these skills to become habit - that happens with you.  Together we can create a safe, responsible driver - for life!

How long do I have to complete the BTW training?

You have 12 months from the issue date of your permit to complete the BTW portion of the course. This provides more than enough time to complete the course. We offer contract extensions for an additional fee should you require more time.

Do you offer a practice drive test?

YES! You can schedule your drive test prep online just like your drive test. The drive test prep is an additional $50. The prep is designed to mimic the experience of taking the drive test, but completing a different route. You will be given direct feedback regarding what needs improvement as well as what you are doing really well. We will also share with you what constitues an automatic fail and answer any questions you have regarding the test or driving. 

When can the drive test be taken?

Colorado requires the instruction permit to be held for a full 12 months. The earliest the CO drive test can be taken is the issue date of the instruction permit in the current year. IE: If permit issue date is 5/1/13, the earliest the drive test can be taken is 5/1/14.

Do you do BTW training on Sunday?

Yes! We offer drive sessions Monday through Sunday, 4 times a day. If you live in Castle Rock, we will pick your teen up at home and their high school. If you live in Highlands Ranch, Parker, Centennial, Greenwood Village, parts of Aurora and Littleton, we will pick up and drop off at your teen's high school. We don't want to make the process of getting your drivers license a hassle, so we try to make everything as convenient as possible by coming to you, instead of you coming to us. 

We also offer online scheduling, which makes it quick and easy to pick your sessions! 

Do you do winter BTW training?

Yes. We conduct BTW training all year long. We do reserve the right to cancel BTW training when the weather and/or road conditions become too dangerous. We monitor weather and road conditions continually thru our sources and will usually let parents and students know at least one hour prior to the scheduled BTW session if it is being cancelled due to weather or road conditions.

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