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Driving School FAQs

What are the requirements to receive a permit and license?

What and how will my teen by taught in the classroom?

What skills will my teen learn in their behind the wheel sessions?

How does the driving school partner with me (the parent) to best prepare my teen to be a safe, independent driver?

Does the driving school offer any other courses to enhance my teen's driving skills and what qualifies them to teach these added courses?

How to do I obtain my pre-registration number?

What is GDL and what are the steps in the process?

What identification documents are required at the DMV to have a permit issued?

Do you provide crash avoidance skills training?

When should I start my behind the wheel training?

Why is there no availability showing on the BTW scheduling page?

What is the purpose for practice time between BTW sessions?

How long do I have to complete the BTW training?

Do you offer a practice drive test?

When can the drive test be taken?

Do you do BTW training on Sunday?

Do you do winter BTW training?